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Inside Our LegArt Closet: 3 Bold New Looks

One of our top sellers, we’re thrilled to announce that our Lizz top is back in stock and now available in two additional colours. Today we’ve curated some bold new looks from our LegArt closet, featuring our Lizz top and three of our new legging patterns.

Fashion forward.

Our Dragon Scales leggings mix bold colours with intricate detail to pull off a fashion forward design. The Silver Sage beautifully complements this pattern. 

Shop this look: Lizz Silver Sage and Dragon Scales leggings. 

Classic paisley with a modern flair.

This look is quickly becoming one of my all time favourite pairings. Our Lizz top in Pale Rose perfectly highlights the bold colour palette of our Paisley Paradise leggings.

Shop this look: Lizz Pale Rose and Paisley Paradise leggings. 

Romantic elegance.

Our Delilah leggings feature gorgeous black and gray blooms against a white background, complemented by soft bursts of icy blue. Complete your look with our Lizz Black top. It’s signature criss cross detail and three quarter length sleeve adds another level of visual interest.

Shop this look: Lizz Black and Delilah leggings

Which style do you prefer?

The LegArt Team

Visit us at legart.ca to see our full lineup of spring fashions.