Each for Equal - Thoughts on International Woman's Day 2020

Each for Equal - Thoughts on International Woman's Day 2020

Posted by Camille Tovee on Mar 06, 2020

International Woman’s Day has rolled around once again, and it seems like a good time to reflect on how far LegArt has come as a company.

When LegArt was conceived six years ago, it was with the dream of creating not only a business for women, but a community OF women where we could nurture creativity, gratitude, and respect, all with an enthusiastic heart. And this falls in beautifully with this year’s IWD’s theme – Each for Equal.

The Each for Equal theme is meant to drive home the point that equality is great for everyone, not just women. A world with improved gender equality would be healthier, wealthier and harmonious and who benefits from that?


One of the big stumbling blocks for women reaching parity is the lack of economic opportunities. Our work at LegArt helps address that. We offer people the chance to start their own business as a distributor of our products. We provide access, expertise, and product, while our distributors provide the enthusiasm and the drive.

So far, we’ve developed a network of over 400 distributors, the overwhelming majority of members are women.

We are glad to have helped these women not only to access economic opportunities, but to grow in abilities, to develop confidence, and learn new skills that will serve them well beyond the world. The result is more empowered women, who then can empower more women. Which brings every one of us nearer to equality.