Posted by Tammie Hunter on 7th Oct 2020



2020 has been a year of adjustment and realignment, something not many of us could have predicted


One thing we can count on though is the changing seasons. When season change, we look forward to the best things about that change. Thinking of family and friends gathering together, the kids smiling while choosing a pumpkin from the patch, corn mazes, colourful leaves raked and piled high and backyard fires. 

Plentiful fresh picked fruit and vegetables from the garden and harvest meals prepared with love. Halloween, Thanksgiving and thoughts of the coming festive season start to come to mind in early October as the days get shorter, the nights cool off and frosty mornings become the norm. We slow down, savour the scents and sights of the changing landscape and return to the comforts of hearth and home.

It's time to switch gears in our wardrobe as well. Hot weather clothing, shorts, sleeveless tops and dresses get packed away with the sandals, flip-flops and sunscreen. We start looking at our old favourites from previous years, the tried and true wool sweater, jeans, socks, shoes, scarves and hats. Bringing out the cool weather jackets and start dressing in layers, the cool mornings lead to warm afternoons back to chilly evenings.

At LegArt we have been anticipating the change in season and are stocking up on lots of fall classics along with new styles and prints to suite the season. Have a look at our layers, new turtleneck base layers, fleece lined leggings and warm long-sleeved tops to get you through the days and into the nights in style! Check out our latest additions to the Autumn classic leggings and tops, and do not forget to look at our cold weather gear, hats, scarves and gloves to ward off the chill. We all know what is coming up and we want you to be prepared for the cool blast of winter that will soon great us.

Speaking of changes, check out our new LOOKBOOK .Here you will see more great photos from our fall photo shoot featuring some great outfits that can all be put together with your wardrobe basics or new LegArt styles!