A Pinch of Pretty and we are giving away $1000!!!

A Pinch of Pretty and we are giving away $1000!!!

27th Jun 2019

Well if that didn't capture your attention maybe this will; introducing our new exclusive print A Pinch of Pretty. What makes this beautiful new print so attractive? PINK, that's what!

Here are a few points that may help you understand why we chose the colour pink to showcase our lovely new print

  • It's associated with love and romance
  • Pink is described as a feminine colour, invoking thoughts of softness, kindness, nurturance and compassion
  • This soft mix of red and white as a colour evokes feelings of joy and happiness
  • For some pink gives off a creative and artistic vibe, It is a happy colour and can make you feel creative

The mix of toupe and white with a pinch of lovely pink in this bold paisley is oh so feminine and will surely please your wardrobe this summer!

Here it is, a  Pinch of Pretty!

Available in sizes Regular, Plus, 3-4XL, 3-5XL and Children's S/M, L/XL

Here are the details on how you can win $1000 or more! 

All you need to do is like and comment on our Facebook Post on this give-a-way, yes that's right, easy peasy!  Click here to enter and you could win one of 25 prizes totaling over $2000, including free pairs leggings weekly, $100 leggings.ca shopping spree's each month, or a $1000 American Express Gift Card that you can put in your wallet and use anywhere you like!